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Oct 3, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

October 3, 2023 — Russell Nemetz talked about the averted government shutdown during today’s Daybreak Ag Report with The Western Ag Network.

Congress passed a short-term continuing resolution over the weekend that will extend federal government funding through November 17th.

“Even though the stopgap appropriations bill is necessary to avoid a government shutdown, the lack of a full FY2024 appropriations package continues to slow down the 2023 Farm Bill process,” said Nemetz. “Agricultural organizations say that the lapse in Farm Bill authorization on September 30th marks a critical juncture for American agriculture demanding urgent action from Congress to resolve the full FY2024 appropriations process so the work can proceed with Farm Bill reauthorization.”

Right to Repair Bill

The National Farmers Union continues to stand in strong support of a national Right to Repair bill. Right to Repair is a pillar of NFU’s “Fairness for Farmers” campaign to help address the monopoly crisis in agriculture.

Just three manufacturers control the majority of farm equipment production, sales and repairs.

The NFU says that the national agricultural Right to Repair law could save US farmers over $4 billion per year when accounting for direct costs and equipment down time.