Ag Organizations Continue to Work on BLM Conservation Rule

Dec 12, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Torrington, WY (Western Ag Network) December 12th, 2023 — On today’s Daybreak Ag Report from the Western Ag Network, Lane Nordlund says that agriculture organizations continue to work on the Bureau of Land Managements proposed Conservation and Landscape Health Rule.

“Groups like the Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association continue to work on cattle and sheep producer’s behalf on the issue.”

Nordlund talked with NCBA’s CEO, Colin Woodall, at the Wyoming and Montana Stock Grower’s Association meetings last week.

“Of course, the role of public lands, permitees, and overall beef production here in the United States is tremendous. We cannot have a US beef industry without our access to those lands – and our members who are permitees – going out there, running cattle, raising that land, improving that land. One of the things that’s been very clear, is we know that cattle grazing mitigates wildfires. We know that we are a benefit. But unfortunately, BLM once again has thrown another challenge at us, and it’s this conservation rule,” said Woodall.

Nordlund says, “the BLM Conservation and Landscape Health Rule would “upend multiple use” on public lands by placing the conservation rule above all other uses on public lands, including grazing and other outdoor recreation, like hunting.”

“Public lands are for multiple use. Grazing being one of those uses, along with energy exploration and recreation. Now, they want to throw in conservation, but they want conservation to be something that the others have to comply with or be compatible with. Unfortunately, they define conservation as “protection or restoration,” they don’t define it as “active management” – which is what we do – which we know is conservation. So, we are working to have legislation that’s been introduced. We are working with Congress to find ways to potentially defund this action, and of course, submitting comments and continuing to work with the Department of the Interior to show, quite clearly, this is a bad idea. Conservation is already there, we’re the ones that are doing it for them,” said Woodall.

Nordlund also talked about red meat production on today’s report.

“Commercial red meat production for the US totaled 4.77 billion pounds in October, up slightly from 4.76 billion last year. Beef production at 2.34 billion pounds was 3% below last year. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.83 million head – down 3% from last year. The average live weight was also down 1 pound from the previous year of 1,374 pounds. January to October commercial red meat production was 45.2 billion pounds – down 2% from 2022. Accumulated beef production was down 5% from last year, and lamb and mutton production was down 2% from a year ago,” said Nordlund.