Commissioner Wolski Resigns

Jul 24, 2019 | Regional News

GOSHEN COUNTY, Wyo. July 24, 2019–Wally Wolski resigned as Goshen County Commissioner Chairman. As a result, the Goshen County Republican Party must now hold a special meeting to determine 3 qualified candidates to replace him. State Statutes require the political party of the person who vacated the elected position to find 3 qualified candidates.  The party will hold a special meeting on Sunday, August 4th at 6:30 PM to interview prospective candidates.  Those interested should submit a letter of interest to [email protected] and provide any additional information they would like the County Central Committee to know about them as well vial email.  The deadline to submit a letter of interest is Friday, August 2nd at 5 PM.  Applicants must be Goshen County residents and must have been a registered Republican at the time of the vacancy, which was Monday, July 22nd.  All applicants will be verified through the County Clerk’s office.  For more information go to or call Corey Steinmetz at 534-5870.