Goshen County Library Offers Blood Pressure Cuffs for Checkout

Mar 21, 2024 | Regional News

Torrington, WY (RELEASE) March 21st, 2024 — Self-measured blood pressure monitoring (SMBP) kits are now available for checkout in all twenty-three (23) counties and in sixty-seven (67) different libraries across the state with a total of 650 kits checked out across the state during the first year of this program. This has been done by way of a collaborative pilot project between the Wyoming Center on Aging (WyCOA) at the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention Program and the public libraries.

To help further the development and future programming around cardiovascular health, libraries are encouraging patrons to check out a kit and complete the included survey.  Individuals that check out a kit and complete the included survey between April 1st and June 8th, could be eligible to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  A random winner will be drawn each week from the surveys completed.  The winner will also win a $100 Amazon Gift Card for the library that checked out the winning kit.

The kits are available in both English and Spanish language and include: an automated home blood pressure cuff; blood pressure logbooks; educational materials from the American Heart Association; information on what blood pressure is; and ideas for healthy lifestyle changes. The kits also include a resource directory to local community-based organizations and referral resources to the Healthy U chronic disease self-management program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one-half of adults in the United States (47 percent, or 116 million) have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, or are taking medication for hypertension. Almost one in four adults (24 percent) with hypertension have their condition under control. According to the Wyoming Department of Health – Chronic Disease Prevention Programs, nearly one in three (30.7 percent) Wyoming adults have been told that they have high blood pressure.

While self-measured blood pressure is not a substitute for regular visits to a primary care physician, it is a way for individuals to see and track their numbers, giving an individual more information that can be communicated to a doctor.

“Information is power, the more information a patient and their doctor have, the better the treatment plan,” says Kara Beech, a project coordinator with WyCOA. “Better treatment plans lead to better overall health. It is exciting to see individuals across the state checking out kits to work on improving their health and that of our communities.”

The libraries are committed to building and supporting strong, healthy communities. This project provides a unique opportunity to offer the community more information about self-monitored blood pressure and its important role in health.

To learn more about the programs offered by the UW Center on Aging, go to www.uwyo.edu/healthierwyo/. To learn more about the Goshen County Library, go to https://goshencountylibrary.org/