Governor Gordon Signs Bill Outlawing Gender Reassignment Procedures for Children

Mar 22, 2024 | Politics

Cheyenne, WY (RELEASE by Governor Mark Gordon) March 22nd, 2024 — Governor Gordon signed SF0099 – Children gender change prohibition today, which bans physicians from performing procedures for children related to gender transitioning and gender reassignment.

“I signed SF99 because I support the protections this bill includes for children, however it is my belief that the government is straying into the personal affairs of families” Governor Gordon said. “Our legislature needs to sort out its intentions with regard to parental rights. While it inserts governmental prerogative in some places, it affirms parental rights in others.”

The Governor noted that the Legislature passed two bills during the recent session reinforcing parental rights in education. 

With regard to House Bill 0148- Regulation of Abortions , as initially proposed, would have properly regulated surgical abortion clinics in Wyoming. However amendments to the bill complicated its purpose, making it vulnerable to legal challenges. Wyoming is currently vigorously defending laws that already prohibit surgical and chemical abortions

“With the judge certifying these cases to the Wyoming Supreme Court, the state is closer than ever to a decision on the constitutionality of abortion in Wyoming,’ Governor Gordon said. “It is my opinion that HB148, as amended, had the potential to further delay the resolution of this critical issue for the unborn. The potential of starting over on a new course of legal arguments would in my mind be derelict, and would have only sacrificed additional unborn lives in Wyoming.”

To avoid further delaying a decision, Governor Gordon has vetoed HB 148. In his veto letter, the Governor points out that since the courts have stayed enforcement of the state’s previous abortion ban, the number of abortions taking place in Wyoming has continued to increase.

The Governor’s veto letter for HB 148 is attached and may be found here.

Governor Gordon also happily signed HB0090 – Newborn child safe havens-age of child today. The bill changes the relinquishment age that a child may be left with a safe haven provider at no penalty to the parent from 14 days or younger to 60 days.

The full list of bills the Governor has taken action on during the 2024 Legislative Session can be found on the Governor’s website.