Hageman Sponsored Bill to Transfer Pilot Butte Power Plant Advances to House Floor

Oct 26, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Washington, D.C. (RELEASE) October 26, 2023 — Today, the House Committee on Natural Resources (HNR) held a markup to advance several bills from committee to a floor vote by the full House of Representatives. Included in these bills was H.R. 3415, the Pilot Butte Power Plant Conveyance Act. TheAct requires the Bureau of Reclamation to enter into good faith negotiations with the Midvale Irrigation District for the conveyance of the Pilot Butte Power Plant, located in Pavillion, Wyoming.

Congresswoman Hageman stated, “This is a critical step towards improving responsible resource management, and transferring responsibility and authority to those who are best situated to operate this critical infrastructure. 

“Midvale Irrigation District is intimately familiar with the intricacies of water management and distribution in their area. Updating and repairing this hydropower plant will expand the state’s portfolio, allowing for a more holistic approach to resource management. This will help Wyoming to optimize water usage, balancing the needs of agriculture, industry, and the environment more effectively.

“Transferring Pilot Butte Power Plant to Midvale Irrigation District is a move that will boost Wyoming economies and is a decision that reflects the values of decentralization, self-determination, and self-reliance.”

HNR Chairman Rep. Bruce Westerman added, “Local issues are the heartbeat of our committee, as many of us represent rural, western districts that are directly impacted by the policies we pass in D.C. H.R. 3415 is one of these commonsense pieces of legislation that will help the people of Pavillion, Wyoming by conveying the Pilot Butte Power Plant to the Midvale Irrigation District. I want to thank Representative Hageman for continuing to be a champion for her constituents this Congress, and I look forward to continuing to help her pass even more legislation that helps the people of Wyoming in the future.”