Hageman Votes NO; Barrasso and Lummis Vote YES to Avert Government Shutdown

Oct 3, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Washington, D.C. October 3, 2023 — A government shutdown was averted over the weekend after Congress passed a temporary funding bill on Saturday night.

Both Senators from Wyoming voted for the short-term funding bill.

“Keeping the government open is the right thing to do for Wyoming,” said Barrasso. “This legislation bridges the gap to pay our troops and keeps our National Parks open. One issue that many people in Wyoming are concerned about is pay cuts for our wildland firefighters. This bill stops this pay cut so firefighters can focus on protecting forests and communities across Wyoming. It also ensures a government that is open and working for the American people. Getting this bill passed puts the focus back on President Biden’s failures at the border and with runaway inflation.”

“I voted to avert the government shutdown to ensure our service men and women continue getting a paycheck, our national parks, which keep Wyoming’s economy strong, remain open and federal services that people in Wyoming rely on remain open as Congress continues work on appropriations bills,” said Lummis. “Throughout my time in Congress, I have been a fierce budget hawk, consistently opposing bloated spending bills and working to reform entitlements to set us on a sustainable fiscal path. During the next 45 days I will do everything in my power to push Congress to use this opportunity to get our fiscal house in order, cut spending to stop the out-of-control inflation harming the people of Wyoming and secure our southern border.”

Congresswoman Harriet Hageman voted nay.

“Today I voted against passage of a 45 day “Continuing Resolution” to fund the government at current spending levels. Even if only for 45 days, this is far more spending than I can support. Yesterday, the House had the opportunity to pass a shorter-term bill that would have secured our borders while reducing government spending. That was the bill the House should have passed and that was the bill I supported.”

“We are $33 trillion in debt, and we have over 11,000 illegals crossing our border each day. I look forward to continuing the appropriations process to rein in this bloated government.”