Hageman: WPSC is Right to Slash Rocky Mountain Power Rate Hike

Nov 30, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Washington, D.C. (RELEASE) November 30th, 2023 — The Wyoming Public Service Commission announced plans to reduce Rocky Mountain Power’s (RMP) 22% rate hike by nearly half (A second, 8% hike has yet to be addressed). The excessive increase demanded by the power company would have impacted nearly 150,000 customers.

In response to the Wyoming Public Service Commission decision, Rep. Hageman stated, “RMP, as a state sanctioned monopoly, is tasked with providing us with reliable and affordable electricity. Instead, they have pushed ahead with a bogus “green” agenda, replacing safe, clean, reliable fossil fuels with unreliable “renewables.” I am happy to see at least some relief for the citizens of Wyoming that are being forced to pay for it, and hope that this is a lesson for other power companies falling for the unreliable energy scam.

“I have made it a cornerstone of my congressional tenure to fight back against policies that further institutionalize energy poverty. I have pushed back hard against any such efforts by the Biden administration and stood against them as they are instituted in the State of Wyoming by our political and business leaders. I have forcefully and vocally opposed RMP’s efforts to raise electricity rates by 30%. I will continue to support American energy independence and our fossil fuel industries.

“RMP must return to its roots of providing affordable electricity. We are blessed with more than ample resources right here in Wyoming to power this country long into the future – if only we implement common sense energy policies that don’t result in obscenely high rate hikes for consumers that cannot afford them.”