KGOS Pro Pick’em Contest

Dec 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Join the KGOS/KERM Pro Football Pick’em Contest!

Sign-up and login to play. Game is EASY and FREE to play – Simply pick the winner in each game every week and earn points for your correct picks!

Thanks to our Sponsors: The Sports Racquet, Torrington Vision Source, Pieper & Marsh Family Dentistry, Torrington Beverage, Platte Valley Bank, Pinnacle Bank, Transwest Ford, Number 34, Mike Rafferty – State Farm Insurance Agent.

Prizes and Rules: 
Prizes will be awarded to top players who have the highest point total at the end of the regular NFL season.

KGOS/KERM Pro Football Pick’em Contest Prizes:

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Pro Football Pick’em Rules:
1. Must be 21 years or older to play. (May need to show valid driver’s license when you collect prize(s))
2. In order to win prizes all registration must be completely filled out. If at any time the registration information submitted is determined to be invalid you will be immediately dropped from the contest.
3. Contest valid for residents of Goshen and surrounding counties.
4. Prizes and/or certificates must be claimed by the person registered as the account owner no later than 30 days after the game ends or prize will be forfeited. No prizes and/or certificates will be mailed. A valid 21 years or older ID will be required.
5. One team per person.
6. The station has the right to make changes as necessary in regards to rules and discrepancies regarding the Pro Football Pick’em contest.7. In the case of a tie, whoever entered their picks first will be chosen.
Here’s how the scoring works:
Weekly Picks
Pick the winners in each game of the week. 1 point is scored for each correct pick and 0 points for a tie or a loss.
Monday Night Football Game Tie-Break
Besides making your weekly picks, at the bottom of the picks page, you must guess the Monday Night Football game total score to decide any tie-breaks.
All picks must be made by the deadline shown on the pool’s home page.

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