Kickoff to Summer Reading

May 13, 2024 | Regional News

Torrington, WY (by Cindy Sheeley) May 13th, 2024 — As the school year ends, the Goshen County Library is getting ready for this summer’s reading program “Goshen Readers Take Flight.” Kick-off and registration are on June 3 at 3 p.m.

“Kids will come and get registered, get their bag of goodies, and then this year we’re tie-dyeing T-shirts,” Goshen County Library Director Cristine Braddy said. “So, they’ll all get to tie-dye their own shirts. I’m excited about it; it’s going to be fun.”

Following kick-off, each Wednesday at 10 a.m., starting June 5, there will be a summer reading program where the kids will read and create fun projects. During summer reading, the children can also track the books they read at home on the Beanstack app for weekly prizes.

“We’re going to talk about things that fly this year, so bees, butterflies, birds, and hot air balloons,” Braddy continued. “We’re going to do a week on space and planes.”

When the children come in on Wednesdays, they will go to different stations including reading, learning, crafts, board games, and prizes. At the learning station, kids will learn from local experts who know about that week’s topic, for example a beekeeper.

The library has transformed one of the rooms in the activity center next door into the new maker space and meeting room. This will give them more space for activities this summer.

“We are looking forward to seeing our summer reading kids,” Braddy said. “Our goal is to make being at the library and reading fun.”

While the new outdoor area will not be quite complete by the beginning of summer, Braddy said they plan to start using the space. As of now, the space is waiting on event seating, the shade structure, the water feature, dino fossils, and setting out the picnic tables. In the coming weeks, the picnic tables and dino fossils should be placed in the area.

At this time, some of the final construction will have to wait to be completed because the library parking lot is going to be repaired this summer. If the space were to be completed now, many of the final structures would need to be removed for the repair work.

“We’re hoping that even though not everything is there, that people will still to come and utilize it,” Braddy said. “Between construction days, I think it is to a point where people can start to enjoy the space.”

Other programs at the library this summer will include book clubs and new cultural and historical programs.

The library has also added “Steam to Go Bags” for checkout. These bags are themed by history, beginning readers, and other topics. They include games, cards, and other materials related to the topic.