M Lazy Heart Feeds Partners with Packard Trucking to Help Ranchers in TX & OK

Mar 7, 2024 | Ag

Torrington, WY March 7th, 2024 — Over 1.2 million acres of rangeland has burned and over 3,600 head of cattle have died due to wildfires that have ripped across Texas and Oklahoma.

M Lazy Heart Feeds in Torrington has partnered with Packard Trucking to help provide supplies to ranchers down south. Until March 12th, donations will be accepted at M Lazy Heart Feeds south of Torrington.

Products needed include protein tubs and blocks, milk replacer, dog food, and hay.

You’ll also get 10% off all products purchased to donate at M Lazy Heart Feeds – including 15% off all “Boviboxes” sent to Texas and Oklahoma.

Packard Trucking will head south on March 13th, so stop by M Lazy Heart Feeds today to see how you can help – or call them at 307-532-4771.