Meet and Greet with Jackie Van Mark

Jun 7, 2024 | Politics

Torrington, WY (by Cindy Sheeley) June 7th, 2024 — As election time begins to draw closer, it is time for voters to get educated and meet the candidates running for important offices. Candidate for Wyoming Legislature, House District 5, Jackie Van Mark, held a “Meet and Greet” at the Old Moose Press in Torrington on Wednesday, June 5.

As a fourth-generation Wyoming dry land wheat farmer, Van Mark is a familiar face in both Torrington and Goshen County as a whole. With this background, she understands the importance of agriculture and the energy industry in Wyoming. Additionally, she is also a small business owner and works daily to promote our local communities.

“This was a fantastic event,” Van Mark said. “I’m super excited by the amount of people that have shown up, taken signs, and that are excited about my run for House District 5. I am committed to Goshen County. I’m a long time Goshen County gal, and fourth generation wheat farmer kid. I love my community, I love Goshen County, and I love Wyoming.”

If elected, Van Mark said her first and foremost goal is to bring a sense of civility to the Wyoming Legislature.

“If you’ve been watching the legislature over the past couple of years, there’s been some things going on that I just don’t think is right,” she said. “When you’re down there you are not just representing the people that voted for you; you’re representing everybody in Goshen County.”

“That means your responsibility is to meet and greet everyone down there,” she continued. “You might not always agree, you might not always get along, but you need to be respectful. I want to make sure I’m respectful when I’m down there.”

Other important goals include improving healthcare in Wyoming and supporting the energy industry.

“I’m really concerned about healthcare in Wyoming,” Van Mark said. “We are a frontier state, don’t let anyone tell you that this is rural medicine. This is frontier medicine.”

Also, with the importance of the energy industry in Wyoming, it is crucial that it moves forward into the future.

“The energy industry props us up and makes us who we are,” she explained. “With the war on coal, oil, and gas, we need to do what we can to find good technology to enhance that and keep it going.”

“Remember years and years ago when everyone was worried about acid rain destroying our monuments and our buildings,” she asked. “Guess who figured out how to stop the acid rain? It was industry; it was coal, oil, and gas. It was technology. I think we can [continue pushing it forward]. We in Wyoming, should be the ones that are leading that charge. We should be the leaders in it.”