Merger Approved for Panhandle Coop and Farmers Coop

Jan 14, 2024 | Business, Regional News

(RELEASE) January 14th, 2024 — On January 11, 2024, during Special Membership Meetings of Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co. and Panhandle Coop, ballots were certified in favor of the merger between the two agriculture retail companies into Legacy Cooperative.

The unification votes of both cooperatives resulted in a member ballot return which exceeded the quorum requirement, and overall approval votes exceeded the majority threshold for the cooperative unification to pass. Both boards of directors are pleased with the results, indicating mutual support of members for future growth and opportunities.

“We are excited to bring these two great cooperatives together for the benefit of our patrons, employees, customers, and communities.  Legacy will be a cooperative leader in our region as we continue to provide exceptional goods and services that all our patrons and customers need and want.  Legacy Cooperative will build on the history of these two cooperatives to develop and grow a legacy for future generations of stockholders, employees, customers, and patrons. Douglas Olsen Panhandle Cooperative Board Chair

“The boards of both companies recognized the culture similarities of boards and management and the opportunities that a combined company could offer its members,” says John Haas, Chairman of the Farmers Coop board. “This merger strengthens the positions of both cooperatives into the future while continuing the support of our communities.”

Charlie Wright, current CEO of Panhandle Coop will serve as Legacy Cooperative’s CEO. Bart Moseman, current Farmers Coop CEO, will continue in a leadership role as Legacy Cooperative’s COO.

“I would like to thank the forward thinking members of both cooperatives that brought together two regional powerhouses known for their commitment to excellence and solutions. Legacy Cooperative will leverage the collective expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize service to our combined trade areas while offering solutions to feed the world” Charlie Wright

Legacy Cooperative will begin conducting unified business effective March 1, 2024. Grain, Agronomy, Feed, Energy, and Grocery are the services offered throughout the panhandle of Nebraska as well as into southwest South Dakota, eastern Wyoming, and northeastern Colorado.