More than 1,500 Wyoming Students Participated in Trout in the Classroom

Jun 11, 2024 | Regional News

Cheyenne, WY (RELEASE) June 11th, 2024 — Hundreds of trout found homes in Wyoming waters this season thanks to students and teachers participating in a new conservation education program. Trout in the Classroom is a partnership between the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Trout Unlimited where students and teachers raise rainbow trout in their classrooms over the course of a semester.

This year 28 schools participated in Trout in the Classroom with at least one school in every Game and Fish region, encompassing more than 1,500 student caretakers. Classrooms received trout eggs from Game and Fish hatcheries in January and raised them throughout the semester while learning concepts of ecology, population biology, water quality, fish anatomy and conservation.

Once the trout reached the fingerling stage, participants released their fish into a designated pond under the supervision of Game and Fish personnel. Releases this year took place throughout April and May in 12 designated community fisheries. One of these waters, Sloans Lake in Cheyenne, was the site of a few releases including the trout from St. Mary’s Catholic School.

“We had the joy of hosting eyed-eggs brought to us by the Trout Unlimited organization. Students excitedly observed them each day watching as they grew into alevin, fry and fingerlings,” said St. Mary’s third-grade teacher Christine Bronder. “We released our rainbow trout with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department into Sloans Lake at Lions Park. Maybe one day you’ll go fishing there and catch our big one!”

Bringing fish directly into classrooms helps students develop a new understanding and appreciation for both their local fisheries and aquatic life cycles, and the program reinforces science curriculum by providing hands-on experience. Teachers have access to customizable lesson plans that guide their students through the life cycle of a trout and can tailor the program to meet their curriculum needs. Trout in the Classroom is an opportunity to engage students in hands-on STEM activities, exposing them to the natural environment and conservation careers.

This program is ideal for students in third-12th grade and is open to any classroom in Wyoming. Schools must apply during the fall semester to be part of the program. Teachers who are interested in learning more about the program can complete the TIC interest form.