New Driver Licenses and ID Cards

Jan 29, 2020 | Regional News

Cheyenne, Wyo. January 29, 2020 (RELEASE from Wyoming News Now) — Wyoming’s driver licenses and identification cards will now be more secure and harder to counterfeit.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) recently started issuing new state driver licenses and ID cards that have extra security features. Those whose cards are expiring will receive a new driver license or identification card, which look different from the current licenses and ID cards. WYDOT started issuing the new licenses and ID cards in December.

“The new cards are made up of a polycarbonate material,” said WYDOT Driver Services Program Manager Misty Dobson. “The new cards have 13 different security features, making them more secure. For our Wyoming cards, we have three unique security features that no other state has.”

Besides the new security features, the new cards have the image of Devils Tower on the front and the state capitol building on the back. The driver licenses have blue accents while the ID cards have red accents.

The new licenses and ID cards will also feature the REAL ID compliant star symbol. However, the star won’t be gold and will have a black circle with the star shape in the middle. Both cards will also continue to have a person’s driver license number, name, address and other information, but will just look different than the current licenses and ID cards.

“The only thing we have done is upgraded our driver licenses and ID cards so they are more secure,” Dobson said.

The last time WYDOT updated its driver licenses and ID cards was in 2011 after the state became REAL ID compliant. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) comes out with new security recommendations every few years to help states provide more secure licenses and ID cards that are difficult to counterfeit. WYDOT instituted those recommendations into the new licenses and ID cards.

WYDOT officials have been working on the new driver licenses and ID cards since April 2018. They also worked with the Wyoming Highway Patrol to ensure the new cards would work for law enforcement.

Motorists will receive the new licenses and ID cards when they apply for a new credential after their old card expires. However, if someone does want a new one before their old one expires, they will need to contact their local driver services office.

“We are asking the public for their patience and understanding as we transition to the new system,” Dobson said.

When renewing or obtaining a new license or ID card, motorists will still need to provide documentation to comply with the REAL ID requirements.

A complete listing of those documents and more information on obtaining or renewing a license or ID card can be found on WYDOT’s website at .