Pettus Gets Mental Evaluation

Jun 23, 2021 | Regional News

Torrington, Wyo. (Story by Denise Heilbrun-Ellis) June 23, 2021 — On papers filed June 2 in Eighth Judicial District, by Judge Patrick Korell ordered Sean Pettus to be evaluated by the Wyoming State Hospital Criminal Justice Service from the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston on an outpatient basis at the discretion of the staff at the hospital.


The exam is for observation treatment and a report is due to the Court 60 days from June 2.

Pettus, who is charged with starting a fire at a business he leased and an adjoining business on East Valley Road, stealing a local woman’s Ford Taurus, stealing items from her car, and murdering Torrington resident 20-year-old Madison Cook, on April 20.

The detailed findings should show an opinion as to whether Pettus has a mental illness or deficiency, and its probable duration.

Also, an opinion as to whether he lacks to comprehend his position to understand the nature of the object of the proceedings against him, to conduct in his defense in a rational manner and to cooperate with his counsel.

The report should recommend as to whether Pettus should continue to be detained in a designated facility for treatment pending determination by the Court of mental illness to proceed and a recommendation as to whether he, if found by the Court to be mentally fit, should be detained in a designated facility pending further proceedings.