Rep. Hageman Announces Campaign for Re-election

Jan 4, 2024 | Politics

Washington, D.C. (RELEASE) January 4th, 2024 — Congresswoman Harriet Hageman (R-WY) today announced her campaign for re-election, touting her record of fighting for Wyoming’s interests and defending the state against the “wretchedness” of the Biden Administration’s overreach. In a video announcement, Hageman recounted the battles and victories in her first term in the House of Representatives and issued a call to action for conservatives to help expand their margin in the House, regain control of the Senate, and win back the White House.

Hageman, whose campaign can be found online at, highlighted her efforts on behalf of Wyomingites since she was first sworn into Congress nearly one year ago.

“I have met with thousands of constituents, students, and community and business leaders across the state, and I held a public town hall in all 23 counties to discuss my work and your concerns,” Hageman said in the video. “I have delivered on Wyoming’s priorities, by working to delist the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear and to defund the Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, both of which have passed the House.”

Hageman detailed the ongoing war against the ceaseless attempts of leftists in government to interfere with the daily lives of American citizens.

“I held Biden Administration officials accountable, questioning them on their government-imposed wretchedness in the form of energy poverty, the criminals and terrorists flooding our southern border, and the blatant overreach and violation of our constitutional rights by our own federal agencies,” she said. “The House majority has exposed the weaponization of the federal government, targeting and censoring our citizens, surveilling Catholics and parents, and abuses of the 1st and 4th Amendments.”

Hageman cited the House passage of important policies to advance the conservative agenda, protect the rights of citizens, and improve our national security. “I was also proud to support our House priorities in passing the POWER Act and COAL Act to protect our Wyoming industries, the Parents Bill of Rights to codify their right to raise their children, and the strongest border security package ever passed through the House,” she said.

Hageman also noted that many battles lie ahead, and issued a call to action because conservatives will need more allies following the elections of 2024.

“Our work is nowhere close to being done. We need more strong conservatives here in the House. We need to flip the Senate. And we must take back the White House,” she said. “I will make this promise to you: I will do everything I can, so our party wins in November. Please do what you can to help.”

Hageman has already enjoyed tremendous support from constituents and other patriots in her first year in office, as her campaign received over 47,000 donations, with an average donation of $29.77. Over 79% of Hageman’s donors in 2023 had not given to her previously. 

Rep. Harriet Hageman was elected to the House of Representatives in November 2022 and is a fourth generation Wyomingite who was raised on her family ranch outside of Fort Laramie. Growing up on the ranch, she learned the value of hard work, honesty, and fighting for what you believe. Hageman knows that the hardworking men and women of Wyoming deserve a leader who shares their values and will not bow down to the pressures of the liberal left as soon as the road gets a little rough. She attended Casper College, earned her B.S. in Business Management and her Law Degree from the University of Wyoming, and built a successful career as a constitutional attorney protecting individual liberties and property rights.