Swift Beef to Pay $275,000 in EPA Settlement

Jan 2, 2024 | Ag, Regional News

(Western Ag Network) January 2nd, 2024 — On today’s Daybreak Ag Report from the Western Ag Network, Land Nordlund reported on a $275,000 settlement between the Swift Beef Co. of Grand Island, NE and the EPA.

“Swift Beef Company has been ordered to pay $275,000 in civil penalties to resolve alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act,” said Nordlund. “According to the EPA, the company – a subsidiary of Brazilian-owned JBS, one of the largest meat processors in the world – failed to comply with Clean Water Act permit limits for numerous pollutants at it’s facility in Grand Island, NE.”

Nordlund also reported on a breakthrough discovery from Kansas State University.

“Kansas State University researchers have had a break-through in developing wheat-based foods that contain lower amounts of gluten. This is a discovery that could really lessen the affects of celiac and other autoimmune diseases. K-State researchers, along with the Agricultural Research Service and Kansas Wheat, successfully utilized crisper technology to reduce the presence of two types of gluten coding genes. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, and when people with celiac disease eat gluten, their body mounts an immune response that attacks the small intestine and the small finger-like projections that help the body absorb nutrients.”

“Researchers did verify that gluten will not be completely removed from wheat, as it’s an important part of bread making. While the reduced gluten level was achieved, it won’t make wheat safe to eat for those with celiac disease just yet. Researchers say it’s a very important step forward in solving gluten intolerance.”