THS Principal, Dr. Cynthia Porter, Proposes Ordinances at City Council Meeting

Jan 17, 2024 | Politics

Torrington, WY January 17th, 2024 — The Torrington City Council met for their second meeting of January on Tuesday, January 16th.

Dr. Cynthia Porter, THS Principal, spoke during the public forum before the council addressed action items. Dr. Porter presented two ordinances that she helped implement when she was in Rock Springs, WY.

“I wanted to present to you some suggestions that I’m bringing from my previous position in Rock Springs. What you have in front of you are city ordinances from Rock Springs. There are two of them that I would like to draw your attention to; the daytime curfew and the breach of peace,” said Dr. Porter.

“If I had to pick one, I would advocate today for the daytime curfew. The daytime curfew means that any minor that is supposed to be assigned to a place, such as a school, needs to be in that school. If they’re not in that place, then they could be cited. Now, how I imagine this would be used is – of course going through all of the proper progressions – to give students the opportunity to do the right thing. To stop wondering the halls, to not skip school, to not be skipping school in the school parking lot, and not be in the park across the street. So, after we work through all of those and still have no success, I imagine that would be the opportunity then to issue that city ordinance citation for violating the daytime curfew.”

Dr. Porter handed gave council members drafts of the ordinances that she proposed and invited the council to contact her should they have any questions.

Action Items

The city council also considered a liquor license transfer on Tuesday night. The council unanimously approved the retail liquor license transfer from 307 Sports Bar & Grill to Essential Fuel, LLC.

The council approved the appointment of Joshua Odermann to the Safety Committee.

Two bids were awarded on Tuesday night. The council awarded a bid to High Pointe Electric in the amount of $184,772 and reserved $9,583 (5.19%) for contingency for a project total of $194,335 for the Cemetery Booster Pump Station Electrical Upgrade.

A bid was also awarded to Yoder Fleet & Commercial of Greeley, CO in the amount of $52,255 for the purchase of a new 3/4 Ton Crew-Cab Pickup. Chuck Kenyon, Emergency Management Coordinator, informed the council that 50% of the purchase would be funded by the Emergency Management Grant Program from the State.

Fire Chief Report

Torrington Fire Chief, Lance Petsch, spoke at the end of the meeting. Mr. Petsch said that it has been a busy couple of weeks for the Fire Department.

“Last week, we had a motor vehicle accident south of town. Sunday, we had a structure fire in town. This morning, at about 5:15 we had a call up at the care center, and then 9:00 this morning we had a propane call. On the structure fire, we did ask for some help from Yoder.”