Torrington Council Approves Luis Correa as Next Fire Chief

Apr 3, 2024 | Politics

Torrington, WY April 3rd, 2024 — The Torrington City Council approved Luis Correa as the next Torrington Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief during this week’s City Council meeting. Correa was recently elected by his TVFD peers as Fire Chief. Correa’s term will run from April 8th, 2024 to December 31st, 2024.

Mayor Herb Doby welcomed Luis as the next fire chief.

“First of all, I want to welcome you,” said Doby. “Thank you for your willingness and eagerness to take the position.”

Councilman Rick Patterson also offered words of welcome.

“I mentioned coming back to Torrington 20 years ago…I taught at EWC,” said Patterson. “Mr. Correa was one of my students very early on – he was a good student. He’s been a good employee for the city. He’s been a good firefighter, and he’s a good man, and I absolutely support this appointment.”

The Council also expressed their appreciation for outgoing Chief, Lance Petsch.

The Torrington City Council also heard a report from Rhonda Estes, Senior Accounting Clerk, on Wyoming Community Gas.

“I wanted to let you know that we are getting presented with mail that will be explaining our Choice Gas Program with natural gas, and it is actually choosing the commodity part. Black Hills Energy will still do all of the billing, the meter reading, the service maintenance – but there is a portion of it that is just for your consumption. So, you can choose which supplier you want. The ladies at City Hall would be more than welcome to help you if anyone needs it. No matter which supplier they choose, we will be willing to help them in any way that we can. Those that do go with Wyoming Community Gas – they are the only supplier that gives back to the community,” said Estes.

According to the Wyoming Community Gas website, the Choice Gas program began in 1996. Wyoming Community Gas is a not-for-profit consortium of municipalities that operates as a hometown supplier of natural gas. Their Board of Directors (Joint Powers Board) is composed of elected officials and municipal staff from the Wyoming member communities they serve. They work in partnership with member communities to help their residents and business owners learn more about the Choice Gas program and make an informed decision regarding their natural gas commodity supplier. Every year, Wyoming Community Gas returns a portion of its revenue to its member communities to help with a variety of hometown projects. From planting trees and supporting a local health clinic, to providing college scholarships and park improvements, they’re putting money back into the communities they serve helping fund projects that improve the quality of life for their customers.