Torrington Mayor Herb Doby Wishes All a Happy New Year

Jan 3, 2024 | Politics

Torrington, WY January 3rd, 2024 — The Torrington City Council met for their first meeting of 2024 this past Tuesday night. Before attending to action items on the agenda, Mayor Herb Doby wished everyone a Happy New Year.

“Happy New Year to all of you,” said Mayor Doby. “As we move into 2024, my hope is that we can count our many blessings. Things will never be perfect, but things can be good. We are blessed in this City, County, and Country with a measure of liberty that is the envy of most of the world. We have a quality of life here in Torrington that is also the envy of most of the world. We have clean water, an efficient sewer system, efficient trash removal, lights and power, efficient snow removal, and safety provided by our local police and local fire departments. We have a local healthcare system, and an ambulance service that is second to none. We have housing for our seniors that fits all levels of their needs. We also have a thriving senior citizen center. We have a first-rate golf course, a municipal pool that meets the needs of young and old alike, we have numerous parks and ball fields, and a first-class movie theatre. We have a very attractive and vibrant downtown area, and are blessed with a local college, and a growing airport. Torrington is doing well, but it can always do better. We need to keep and maintain what we have, and seek ways to improve ourselves in all aspects of our community life together. Let us all count our many blessings, and all work toward an even better and brighter future.”

The Council considered some routine action items on the agenda to start the calendar year. They approved a list of Mayor’s appointments that included:

  • Appointed Officials:
    James Eddington, City Attorney
    Matthew Johnson, Chief of Police
    Lance Petsch, Fire Chief
    Lynette Strecker, City Clerk/Treasurer
    Jeffrey Harkins, Director of Public Works
    John Patrick, Municipal Judge
    Kenneth Brown, Associate Municipal Judge
    Anna Barnes, Associate Municipal Judge
  • Mayor Pro-Tem:
    Richard Patterson
  • Consolidated Wyoming Municipal Electric Joint Powers Board:
    (3 Year Term (Expires 12-31-26))
    Herb Doby
  • Performance Management Committee:
    (2 Year Term (Expires 12-31-25))
    Richard Patterson
    Darin Yates
  • Safety Committee:
    (2 Year Term (Expires 12-31-25))
    L. John Hood
    Sidney Castellaw
    Albert Lira
    Tammy Cearns
    Robert Gleim
    Jason Curtsinger
    Benseslado Cantu
    Jason Wilhelm
    Jacob Johner
    Adrian Flores

The Council also approved a resolution approving a list of institutions as depositories and/or security broker/dealers for the City of Torrington that include:

  • Points West Community Bank
  • Pinnacle Bank
  • U.S. Bank
  • Edward Jones Co.
  • Wyoming Government Investment Fund
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • First State Bank
  • Platte Valley Bank
  • WYO-STAR I & II Investment Pool
  • Moreton Asset Managment
  • Principal Custody Solutions

The Torrington City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM in the Torrington City Council Chambers at City Hall (436 East 22nd Avenue, Torrington). You can listen to every council meeting on Cinch Country-KGOS 1490AM, 99.9FM, or watch it live on our Youtube Channel: KGOS Sports.