Torrington Siblings Charged With Burglary

Mar 10, 2021 | Regional News

Torrington, Wyo. (Story by Denise Heilbrun-Ellis) March 10, 2021 — Kevin Gunhammer plead not guilty in Goshen County Eighth Judicial Court to the Honorable Judge Patrick Korell in charges that were placed against him in an October 2020 incident.

Gunhammer, along with his sister, Lucinda and another accomplice allegedly on Oct. 11, 2020, burglarized several vehicles in Torrington, including rifles.  They allegedly used one of the credit cards to fill gas from Maverik in Torrington.
Count I-IV felony, conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, each punishable by $50,000 and/or 25 years; count V, a misdemeanor, conspiracy to commit unlawful use of a credit card, which is punishable by $750 fine and/or six months incarceration.
Officers asked to review video from the store and saw the vehicle and who was filling the gas. They also watched later in the video where one of the defendants tried to use a credit card inside the store.
They found the pickup belonged to Maria Garcia, who worked at Maverik, and was frequently driven by her daughter, Lucinda Gunhammer.  Co-workers of Garcia’s also told officers whose vehicle it was.
The accomplice came to police a couple days later, confessed and told Torrington Police Officers what they had done.
Officers arrested the pair and charged them.
Lucinda’s hearing is set for March 18, 2021, at 2:30 p.m.