UW-SAREC to Host Workshop for Farming in Alkaline Soils

Jan 29, 2024 | Ag, Regional News

Lingle, WY January 29th, 2024 — The James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture and Research Extension Center will host a watch party for the “Farming Above 7 pH: Alkaline Soils & Fertility” workshop on February 14th and 15th at the SAREC office.

Alkaline soils with pH above 7.0 is a very common problem that farmers have to deal with in our area. The workshop will cover topics such as alkaline & calcareous soils, soil sampling, cation effect on soil structure and more.

The workshop will be held in-person at the Holiday Inn in Cody, WY. The cost of attending in Cody is $120. Participants can also watch from home for $50, or attend the watch party at SAREC for $25. The Conservation District has agreed to sponsor the pay for the first 10 registrations at the SAREC site.

To register, visit bit.ly/Farming7pH.

Contact Jeremiah Vardiman at (307) 620-5118 or [email protected] for more information.