Wardell Named Sheriff

Jun 20, 2018 | Regional News

Goshen County Commissioners appoint Jeremy Wardell as Sheriff


During the regular meeting of the Goshen County Commissioners held Tuesday, June 19th, Undersheriff Jeremy Wardell was appointed as Goshen County Sheriff to serve the remainder of the term held by recently retired Sheriff, Don Murphy.

Wardell was sworn in by the Honorable District Court Judge Patrick Korell and will serve as Sheriff until the end of the year.

When asked what his expectations were for the department during his term, Wardell said “Sheriff Murphy did things right. We have an amazing group of people that are working in the department. My jail division and patrol division are just full of really good, hard working people. I’m honored to be their leader and we will continue to offer the same great services we always have.”

Sheriff Wardell is currently campaigning to serve as Goshen County’s Sheriff when his term expires.