Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado

Oct 9, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

October 9, 2023 — On today’s Midday Ag Report with the Western Ag Network, Russell Nemetz talked about the wolf reintroduction plan in Colorado.

“In a one year agreement announced last week between the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Oregon will be a source for up to 10 wolves for the Colorado gray wolf reintroduction effort,” said Nemetz. ” After rejections from states like Montana and Wyoming, the Oregon wolves will be captured and transported between December of this year and March of 2024.”

Nemetz also talked about the Council on Environmental Quality’s revision to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

“CEQ has received a mountain of substantive input from livestock producers and numerous other industries throughout the public comment process, and they’ve gotten clear direction from Congress to streamline NEPA. The organizations say that the proposed phase 2 rule doesn’t accomplish those goals, and the groups are highly concerned that CEQ’s current proposed rule would hinder – rather than advance – NEPA’s original goal of ensuring more informed, timely agency decisions to the detriment of a broad array of federal and non-federal projects and activities,” said Nemetz.

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