WYO HELP Asking for Volunteers to Ring the Bell

Nov 21, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Torrington, WY (RELEASE) November 21st, 2023 — WYO HELP, a community action agency serving 6 Wyoming Counties is teaming up with The Salvation Army to provide volunteer support during the Christmas season. WYO HELP will help organize volunteers in Rawlins, Saratoga, and
Torrington, Wyoming to ring the bell to raise funds through The Salvation Army Kettle season.

All funds donated to The Salvation Army are used in support of services provided by The Salvation Army. 90% of monies raised in a county remain in that county to provide services like rent payments, utility payments, prescription payments, hotel stays, and more. 10% is used for administrative oversight and to distribute resources.

WYO HELP, acting as a local community partner, works with The Salvation Army to manage requests for assistance and to distribute assistance based on the policies of The Salvation Army.

More information about WYO HELP or The Salvation Army can be found at wyohelp.com or by calling 307-532-0269.

WYO HELP is asking volunteers to sign up for 2 hour slots to ring the bell at Valley Foods IGA in Saratoga, Walmart and City Market in Rawlins, and Main Street Market in Torrington via their website at wyohelp.com. The slots available begin November 24th and end December 24th. Each location has a total of 294 slots available. That means we have 1,176 slots to fill. Our goal is to raise $12,000 in Carbon County and $6,000 in Goshen County. Each time slot that is filled with a volunteer brings in about 90% more in donations than a kettle sitting alone with no one ringing the bell.

Ringing the Bell for The Salvation Army can be a great way for a church, youth group, service organization, business, or family to help raise monies for people in need.