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Sep 11, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Torrington, WY September 11, 2023 — With weaning season upon us, many cattle producers are faced with an important question: To wean, or not to wean?

On today’s Midday Ag Report with the Western Ag Network, Lane Nordlund talked about the pros and cons of weaning.

“While weaned calves are bringing a premium this year on video livestock sales, multiple factors come in to play on if it’s cost-effective to wean calves before shipping,” said Nordlund.

Lane talked with Clint Berry of Superior Livestock, who said that producers generally see more return from selling weaned calves.

“If you look at two decades worth of data that we show, weaning calves pays every year. Now, does that mean that for your operation that you should always wean cattle? No. We all have different factors whether it’s labor or forage availability or timeliness. In general, a weaned calf is always going to bring a little more.”

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