Goshen County Republican Party Presents Resolution Regarding Illegal Immigration to Torrington Council

Feb 7, 2024 | Politics, Regional News

Torrington, WY February 7th, 2024 – The Torrington City Council met for their first meeting of February on Tuesday night.

Mayor Herb Doby addressed the public with some information on the upcoming Wyoming Legislative Session.

“The Legislature will begin its 20-day budget session on Monday, February 12th, 2024,” said Mayor Doby. “This is the biennial time when the legislature primarily works on the Wyoming State Budget. The legislature does take up consideration of non-budget bills, but there must be a 2/3 majority vote in each chamber to take up consideration of non-budget bills. I do know that your legislators do listen to you.”

Mayor Doby shared contact information for legislators serving Goshen County:

Cheri Steinmetz – Senate District 03
[email protected]
(307) 534-5342

Scott Smith – House District 05
[email protected]
(307) 575-3742

Allen Slagle – House District 02
[email protected]
(307) 306-7384


The Torrington City Council also had a rare discussion regarding illegal immigration.

Goshen County Republican Party Chairman, Kirk Haas, presented a Public Safety Resolution as an information item to the Council. The resolution, which was passed by the Goshen County Republican Party on January 9th, 2024, calls on the Torrington City Council to define the City of Torrington, WY as a “Rule of Law” Community – and declares that Torrington, WY is not and will not be a “Sanctuary Community” for illegal immigrants.

Haas said that the Resolution was put together based on a statement from Congresswoman Harriet Hageman outlining the crisis at the southern border, and recent events in Carbondale, CO.

“It was put together based on some of what Harriet saw at the border and the concern of what that would do to the communities of Goshen County  and Torrington, particularly at this moment,” said Haas. “I would encourage you to look up Carbondale, CO and most of their news sources in the last 40 days. They have basically been inundated with illegal immigration. It’s put a real strain on that community. It’s a community in Colorado of about 7,200 people. Denver has had quite a bit. So, the concern from the party was: What would happen to our community if something like this started happening? The hope and the idea here is that we start a conversation, and that we have some thought put into this before you are actually presented with this issue.”

Mayor Doby clarified that the resolution was being presented as an “Informational Item” only, and shared some of his thoughts on the immigration issue.

“My understanding of our system of government is that the federal government has the right and duty to take care of national security, including the protection of the borders,” said Mayor Doby. “For the state and local levels, they are given the power under the US Constitution and under the Wyoming Constitution – it’s called the police powers – where the state and local governments are responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the people. It seems like the resolution is concerned that the federal government at this current time is not holding up its end of things.”

Haas further explained that the main reason for presenting this resolution is preparation.

“This is really an idea of being in front of a situation that could present itself. This is an issue that we felt was important. We’re seeing places experience it close enough in location that we figured it was worthwhile bringing it up.”

To watch and listen to the entire discussion, view the video link below. (12:28)