Governor Gordon: Biden’s Methane Regulations Hurt Wyoming Producers and Consumers

Dec 5, 2023 | Featured, Regional News

Cheyenne, WY (RELEASE) December 5th, 2023 —

Governor Mark Gordon has issued the following statement criticizing a final rule released by the Biden Administration that targets the oil and gas industry. The Governor’s statement follows:

“While releasing the final rule regulating methane emissions from oil and gas facilities during the COP28 United Nations climate summit in Dubai is obvious and shallow grandstanding which might make for great theater among climate activists, the effect at home means higher fuel prices and additional burdens on Wyoming producers. Once more, we are saddled with a major rule substantially increasing the cost for Wyoming citizens, the Department of Environmental Quality, Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission and Wyoming producers.

From the outset of the proposed rule, the EPA did little to meaningfully consult with the state environmental agencies who actually regulate the oil and gas industry. Ideally, states with air primacy like Wyoming are active participants in rulemaking. That is more than just providing comments.  

A majority of Wyoming oil and gas producers are not multinational corporations, and work closely with regulators to produce oil and gas while controlling emissions.  In the rule, the EPA adds a heavy-handed federal layer with marginal environmental benefits compared to the increased costs.  Overall, methane emissions in Wyoming are low and companies continue to find ways to reduce emissions – all without this 1,690-page new rule. Wyoming, in fact, preceded the federal government in regulating oil and gas emissions by nearly three decades while successfully allowing for responsible oil and gas development. The additional costs of implementation will be passed on to consumers, both inside and outside of Wyoming. DC is attempting to fix a problem that is already being addressed.”