Partial Fire Ban Effective July 5th

Jun 30, 2021 | Regional News

Torrington, Wyo. (RELEASE from Goshen County Fire Warden) June 30, 2021 — As discussed during the June meeting with the Goshen County commissioners Fire Warden Bill Law to request waiting till after July 4th to initiate a Partial Fire Ban in Goshen County.

The relentless winds have now dried the abundant grass and weed stands to a state of critical volatility, therefore effective Monday July 5th all lands in Goshen County will be under a Partial Fire Ban.

Keep in mind: Fireworks are expressly prohibited and not all fires begin as controlled burns. For your own safety and wellbeing, right now is the time to assess your own property conditions. If needed, take time to clean up around rural homes and out-buildings. Help give our Goshen County Firefighters winning options to safely control fires on your properties.

While controlled burns are allowed in rural Goshen County, they may not be advisable. As the land owner, monitor all available weather forecasts before setting fires. You are reminded to call the Torrington Dispatch Center at 532-7001 to report controlled burns prior to beginning. It is also your responsibility to remain on scene and again call the dispatch to advise when your controlled burn is completed. That number again is 532-7001.   

You are reminded of your responsibility to keep controlled burns within your prescribed target zone and further reminded not to violate DEQ rules on banned materials. Should you have questions, call the Goshen County Fire Warden’s Office at 307-532-7952, Cell Phone 307-532-0305 or visit the County of Goshen Web-Site Departments and click on Fire Warden.