Scoleri Pretrial Hearing Brings Up Concerns

Mar 29, 2021 | Regional News

Torrington, Wyo. (Story by Denise Heilbrun-Ellis) March 29, 2021 — On March 18, former Torrington Police Officer Anthony Scoleri’s and his attorney Donna D. Domonkos, appeared before the Honorable Judge Patrick Korell in Eighth Judicial Court in Torrington.

The State of Wyoming being represented by Goshen County Attorney Eric Boyer, brought concerns to the court saying that witnesses Domonkos wanted to bring to the trial would only bring forth “hearsay” and “unduly prejudice.” He did not the witnesses permitted. Boyer was concerned about the Wyoming Rape Shield Law, in protecting the victim. Which states that prohibits opinion and reputation evidence.
It states, “Furthermore, if such evidence is deemed admissible and submitted in court, it shall be treated as privileged information and shall not be made available for public use or scrutiny in the trial as well as post-trial proceedings. It is pertinent to note that this is one of the few Rape Shield Laws that explicitly states the free nature of the evidence above and serves as an able safeguard against exploitation of disclosures during trial for the ulterior motive of defaming the alleged victim, or in some cases the defendant.”
 And, he said that a witness that Domonkos hasn’t been able to contact should not be allowed to testify, mainly because of the timeframe. Trial is set for April 5. Korell gave Domonkos until the end of last week to find the witness.
Boyer brought up that Domonkos had hired a private detective Steven Miller, from Cheyenne, that she had not even turned in a report. Domonkos stated she had not received one from Miller.
Plus, Boyer added it would all be “hearsay”, and should not be admissible, if it did show up.
A discussion about DFS records and presenting DNA evidence was talked about and Korell asked defense and prosecution to work on getting things worked out before trial. And, suggested talking to the Wyoming Bar to get things “worked out.”
Boyer told the court he decided to drop count 1 of the charges saying, it wasn’t necessary. So, Scoleri is charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a minor and one count of incest.
Judge Korell also added that he will give a written statement on Scoleri’s motion for change of venue. It was not discussed in open court.