Secretary of State Urges Governor to Sign Rules Requiring Proof of Wyoming Residency to Vote

Apr 9, 2024 | Regional News

Cheyenne, WY (RELEASE) April 9th, 2024 — On April 9, 2024, Secretary of State Chuck Gray sent a letter to Governor Mark Gordon urging him to sign the Secretary of State’s amendments to Chapter 2 of its Election Procedures to require acceptable identification for proof of identity, including proof of Wyoming residency, when registering to vote in Wyoming, as well as to provide uniformity and clarity concerning providing evidence of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote. The letter also addresses and refutes questions raised by an analysis and recommendation conducted by the Legislative Service Office.

“After careful review of the LSO recommendation, I disagree with the analysis, as the proposed rules fall squarely within the scope of statutory authority delegated to our office, and are assuredly within the scope of the legislative purpose of the statutory authority,” Secretary Gray wrote. Both the Wyoming Constitution and Wyoming Statute require voters in Wyoming to be Wyoming residents and U.S. citizens.

Secretary Gray noted that these rules create a verification process preventing non-residents and illegal aliens from registering to vote in Wyoming elections. “These rules advance election integrity by ensuring that only Wyomingites will be voting in Wyoming elections,” Secretary Gray wrote.  “These common-sense rules are extremely important because they ensure that illegal aliens and non-residents will be prevented from registering to vote in Wyoming.  Ensuring that those who register to vote in Wyoming must provide proof of residency is pivotal to election integrity and security for our great state.”

In closing, Secretary Gray noted the robust public comment period and revisions to the rules rendered them fit for final adoption. “I cannot impart the importance of these rules to safeguarding the confidence and integrity of our elections.” “These rules are well-vetted, and mature. Before simply rubber-stamping LSO’s one-sided analysis, I urge you to undertake your own thorough legal analysis, and sign these rules.”

A copy of Secretary Gray’s letter to Governor Gordon may be obtained here. Copies of the final rules packet may be obtained here. Upon agency adoption, rules are sent for review and approval by the Governor. Secretary Gray’s audio statement can be found via the attached audio file.