Update on escapees from wyoming honor conservation camp

Sep 24, 2019 | Regional News

Cheyenne, Wyo (RELEASE) October 1, 2019 –Texas law-enforcement officials have confirmed with the Wyoming Department of Corrections that escaped inmate Robert Simpson was apprehended in Dallas on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.  Further details of Simpson’s capture are not yet available. 

Simpson and Jason Green escaped from the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp (WHCC) in Newcastle, Wyoming on September 22, 2019.  Green was apprehended by police in Mesquite, Texas the following Sunday, September 29.   

The status of “Shadow”, a dog that Simpson stole from the Wyoming Honor Camp’s Project LOVED canine program, is unknown at this time. 

It’s not certain at this time when Simpson and Green will be returned to Wyoming and what additional charges they will face.  Prior to their escape Green was serving a 3-8 year sentence for Larceny and Simpson was serving a 5-15 year sentence for Aggravated Burglary with a weapon.