Partial Fire Ban Issued for Goshen County

Jul 9, 2018 | Regional News

Goshen County Fire Warden, Bill Law has issued a partial fire ban effective July 5th.



Due to an abundance of grass and weed stands in Goshen County Wyoming the Goshen County Fire Warden with the consent of the County Commissioners are initiating a “Partial” Fire Ban effective July 5th on all lands in Goshen County. In addition to the Fire Ban, the Fire Warden suggests rural property owners consider taking proper steps such as mowing and cleaning weeds and debris from around your buildings immediately. Your own best means of protection includes putting fire lines around vulnerable areas.

You are reminded not to park or drive in tall grass and weeds as hot exhaust systems can easily cause a fire. You are also reminded that while they are allowed, controlled burns are not recommended. If you find it necessary to do a controlled burn during the next few months, please follow these guidelines: burn in areas where you have an established clear zone; have enough manpower, water and equipment to prevent the fire from spreading outside of your control zone; keep in mind you are responsible for not violating EPA Clean Air Quality Standards. Most importantly, call the Torrington Police Dispatch Center at 307-532-7001 prior to burning.

Fireworks of all kinds are prohibited during any sort of Fire Ban. During a “Partial” Fire Ban the following exemptions are allowed as long as they are properly monitored: campfires contained within an established fire ring; charcoal and gas grills use; acetylene cutting torches or electric welders in cleared areas ten feet in radius.

If you have any questions about this notice feel free to call the Goshen County Fire Warden’s office at 307-532-7952.